Why Jatropha?

  • High quality oil
  • Potential for growing under sub-optimal conditions
  • High oil yields per hectare under such conditions enabling competitive ROI
  • High CO2 saving potential
  • New edible variety opens new opportunities

Q&A on Jatropha

Why Jatropower?

  • First company to sell commercial quantities of jatropha seeds in the market presently
  • Non-toxic, edible jatropha seeds and F1 hybrid seeds available for sale Read More

Edible, non-toxic Jatropha, an exciting new crop


Non-toxic elite cultivar

Jatropower’s JP-2 (now renamed as JPNT-1) is the first ever commercial, standardised, elite non-toxic cultivar..
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Conventional jatropha elite cultivars

JP1010 is Jatropower’s workhorse jatropha cultivar. It is the most sold commercial…
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F1 Hybrid jatropha seeds

The F1 hybrid seeds are the product of a crosses between two elite parent inbreds. Jatropower’s F1..
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Remote site evaluation tool

Jatropower offers its clients a proprietary Google Earth based tool to make a preliminary..
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Plantation Profitability assessment tool

JATROPOWER has designed a business model tool to calculate the profitability…
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Plantation Management support

JATROPOWER personnel possess vast experience in supporting establishment and maintenance of jatropha…
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JATROPOWER is managed by Directors covering research, agronomy and commercialisation of Jatropha

Dr. George Francis

CEO of JATROPOWER Group, is of Indian nationality. After obtaining  his PhD from the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, he did 6 years of fundamental research on Jatropha. He also has extensive experience of managing intercultural.. Read More

Prof. J.Oliver

CEO of JATROPOWER India. Prof. Oliver’s professional career spanning 38 years was mostly devoted to the agricultural extension services. He worked with the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Tamil Nadu and with the Tamil Nadu.. Read More

Mr. Charles Barnabas Gasston

Managing Director of JATROPOWER Kenya. Barney Gasston has decades long experience in the implementation and management of agricultural projects in Africa dealing with bio-energy production, medicinal plant production on contract.. Read More


Jatropower’s research priorities

Selection and purification of elite cultivars and parents

Scalable methods for production of superior F1 hybrids and derivatives

Robust, affordable and scalable jatropha seed processing

  • Edible Jatropha varieties
  • Raising seed productivity, high number of fruits per bunch
  • Early flowering and yielding
  • Short statured plants
  • Synchronised fruiting
  • Oil content in seeds and fatty acid composition
  • Seed processing and by-products