Elite Seeds


JATROPOWER’s elite plants show several times the seed yield of wild Jatropha plants

JATROPOWER bases its evaluation program on about 650 different accessions. It could be shown over five years that its best performing plants sustainably achieve a 3 to 4 times higher yield than average plants in semi-arid climate and on degraded soil.

A further step was taken when producing F1 hybrids of the elite plants. First results indicate that a further yield increase by a factor 2 could be achieved with such hybrids, which needs to be confirmed with multi-location trials. The following graph shows the high yielding character of the best F1 hybrid in relation to the elite toxic cultivars:


Seed yield pattern of elite cultivars compared to F1 hybrids

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JATROPOWER’s superior seeds available for purchase

JATROPOWER’s 10 seed production orchards in India can produce and supply commercial quantities of elite Jatropha seeds on order. Some of these elite seeds are being assessed at client sites in Mali, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Ghana and Panama. At some sites, these seeds have been used to establish the first commercial plantations, making JATROPOWER the only producer with such commercially marketed seed material in the Jatropha sector.