Mission Statement


JATROPOWER is committed to ecologically, socially and economically sustainable production of biofuels

JATROPOWER is a leading developer of Jatropha curcas, an oil seed plant allowing production of sustainable fuels on degraded soils in an economically viable way.

JATROPOWER owns (including the elite genotypes taken over from Quinvita) a unique selection of proven elite accessions of Jatropha curcas, selected from a global germplasm collection of 650 provenances, representing all major global Jatropha hot-spots (Central America including Mexico, SE Asia and India, Africa and Madagascar).

JATROPOWER’s toxic and non-toxic elite Jatropha plants have shown 3 times more dry seed yield than an average natural plant on degraded soils and its best F1 hybrids show high initial promise with some F1 hybrid individual plants yielding as much as 6 times more seeds initially compared to the average of all natural cultivars for the same age period.

JATROPOWER had from the beginning a special focus on non-toxic Jatropha. Due to the fact that the kernel meal (after oil extraction) of non-toxic Jatropha can be used as animal feed instead of fertilizer, revenue from non-toxic Jatropha plantations may be increased by around 25% compared to plantations of toxic Jatropha.

High yield seeds through own research:

  • The use of good seed material is a key factor of success as Jatropha is a perennial shrub with a life span of 25 – 30 years
  • JATROPOWER runs comprehensive research activities on Jatropha with test plantations in
    • India – the centre of JATROPOWER’s Jatropha improvement programme
    • Kenya
  • Our identified toxic and edible elite Jatropha plants have shown 3 times more dry seed yield than the average on our farm
  • JATROPOWER supplies optimised seeds and cuttings for new plantations.

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Key focus area – non-toxic jatropha accessions

  • JATROPOWER is the first company to offer elite selections of non-toxic Jatropha planting material
  • Ongoing programme includes selection and genetic improvement for:
    • High seed productivity
    • Early flowering
    • High pest and disease resistance
    • New publication “Non-toxic Jatropha plants as a potential multipurpose multi-use oilseed crop” by George Francis, John Oliver and Mulpuri Sujatha is now published online

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Evaluation, establishment and management of larger scale plantations:

JATROPOWER has world renowned personnel in the Jatropha sector.

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Inspection, collection and trading of Jatropha seeds and oil:

  • 6 years of Jatropha seed collection and trading experience in India
  • Experience in seed quality control
  • Contacts to potential buyers of Jatropha seeds and oil.

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