Non-toxic elite cultivar


Jatropower’s JPNT-1 cultivar is the first ever commercial, standardised, elite non-toxic cultivar that came to the market


  • Edible jatropha variety
  • Small sized plant with open canopy
  • Early, profuse flowering
  • High number of fruits per bunch
  • High seasonality in fruiting
  • Average seed weight: 0.6g
  • Average oil content in seed: 40% w/w
  • Continuous yield increase with increasing age up to 6 years
  • Good drought tolerance and disease resistance
  • Yield expectation based on results under our experimental conditions and assuming adequate plantation management: 2 to 2.5 tonnes of dry seeds per ha in year 5


40€ per kg, minimum order quantity 1000kg. We also offer co-operation or partnership models, please contact us for more information

One year old JPNT-1

JPNT-1 One year old, rainfed plantation in Africa

JPNT-1, three year old plant

JPNT-1, four year old plant

JPNT-1 fruiting pattern

JPNT-1 typical fruit bunch

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Jatropha is considered to have existed for a long time (over 70 million years) and shows considerable variability as it adapted to various climatic and soil conditions.