Quality Control and Trading


Evaluation, collection and trading of jatropha seeds and oil

Jatropha is at the initial stages of commercialisation and quality standards for Jatropha seeds, seed cake and oil have not been set in the industry. Demand for Jatropha seeds and other products is, however, expected to exceed supply in future. There is very high demand for fuel oil of vegetable origin already currently. The main sources of demand are from the biodiesel industry and from operators of electricity generators.

In addition to demand from the biodiesel industry, a small and fragmented, but high demand market exists today from nursery operators for Jatropha seeds leading to their current high prices wherever available.

For the seed cake, the by-product of Jatropha oil production, the market is expected to be mainly local as fertiliser and as substrate for biogas. Because of the high energy content, similar to that of coal, it has high potential as a direct biomass fuel. Once volumes increase and solvent extraction of seeds for oil becomes viable, use of non-toxic Jatropha seed kernel meal as animal feed ingredient would become possible.

Monitoring and evaluating the seeds, seed cake and oil for the requisite quality is important for any player in the Jatropha industry to take advantage of market possibilities.

JATROPOWER has gained insights into the various aspects of the markets for Jatropha seeds to oil from its presence in the market in India for Jatropha seeds over the last years.

JATROPOWER offers assistance to Jatropha seed and oil trading by bringing together sellers and buyers. It can increase value to its trading partners through its expertise in quality control, applications of products and by-products and contacts to key players in the biodiesel industry.