High yield seeds available through own research

JATROPOWER’s elite Jatropha seeds are a result of the company’s own research over the last 6 years as well as of the research of Quinvita BV, Belgium from which JATROPOWER took over the selected elite genotypes and certain technologies for further development of these. Quinvita was active in Jatropha genetic improvement since 2006. Combining the two activities, JATROPOWER owns a unique selection of proven elite accessions of Jatropha curcas selected from a global germplasm collection of 650 provenances, representing all major global Jatropha hot-spots (Central America including Mexico, SE Asia and India, Africa and Madagascar). JATROPOWER has its main research and development activities and seed orchards spread over 12 farms in India and have experimental farms in Kenya.

JATROPOWER’s special focus is on non-toxic Jatropha as plantations of non-toxic Jatropha has potential to generate about 25% higher revenue compared to that of toxic plants, read more.

Other important Jatropha properties determining its superior character

While high seed productivity is a key success factor, important plant properties include:

  • early flowering and yielding
  • oil content in seeds
  • favourable properties of the oil, including fatty acid composition
  • plant architecture and its suitability for harvesting mechanisation
  • synchronous production of fruits by the plant and their synchronous ripening (for ease of harvest)
  • high number of fruits per bunch (also for ease of harvesting)

JATROPOWER considers and optimises also such factors and describes the specific qualities of each accession available for sale in the respective type descriptions.