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Certifiable CO2 removal

  • High Performance Jatropha (Edible & Non-Edible) thrives on degraded soils.
  • With the help of High Performance Jatropha plantations, previously unproductive soils not only become the object of sustainable value creation, but also the basis for effective measures against climate change.
  • Fallow land is converted into cultivated land and thus acquires the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a large scale and store it in biomass and soil in the long term.
  • The extensive sequestration work carried out here – commonly known as „carbon farming“ or „carbon capture“ is certifiable through the first-time use of previously unproductive soils and thus tradable as part of value creation.
  • High Performance Jatropha is thus the basis for what is currently the only form of removing CO2 from the atmosphere that is profitable.
  • Moreover, the plantations are among the few climate projects with actual negative emissions. Currently, only about 4% of global climate compensation projects remove CO2 from the atmosphere.