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Edible High Performance Jatropha

  • Edible High Performance Jatropha is Jatropower’s most innovative development to date.
  • As part of the High Performance breeding programme, this seed produces a 4 – 6 times higher yield compared to wild Jatropha crops.
  • Edible High Performance Jatropha is also free of toxins and produces not only bio-oil but also an very high quality protein, which can now also be used in the food sector.
  • Compared to the Non-Edible High Performance, the application of the protein allows an increase in revenue yield of up to 145%.
  • Edible High Performance Jatropha thrives on degraded soils.
  • By using previously unproductive soils, the sequestration performance of corresponding plantations can be certified and thus traded as part of the value addition.
  • Edible High Performance Jatropha is thus (along with Non-Edible High Performance Jatropha) the basis for the only form of CO2 removal from the atmosphere that is currently profitable.

Seed characteristics

Jatropower’s JPNT-1 cultivar is the first ever commercial, standardised, elite edible cultivar that came to the market

  • Edible jatropha variety
  • Small sized plant with open canopy
  • Early, profuse flowering
  • High number of fruits per bunch
  • High seasonality in fruiting
  • Average seed weight: 0.6g
  • Average oil content in seed: 40% w/w
  • Continuous yield increase with increasing age up to 6 years
  • Good drought tolerance and disease resistance
  • Yield expectation based on results under our experimental conditions and assuming adequate plantation management: 2 to 2.5 tonnes of dry seeds per ha in year 5

Sales Conditions

Minimum order quantity 1000kg. Price to be bilaterally agreed with the client. We also offer co-operation or partnership models, please contact us for more information