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New CEO at Jatropower, India, Mr Santosh Vasudevan


Santosh took over as CEO of Jatropower India in March, 2022. Until February, 2022, he was working as Deputy Vice President in Axis Bank, the third largest private sector bank in India as head of Institutional Business for Chennai Region.  He ended his illustrious career in the banking industry at its steeply ascending phase, in order to pursue his passion for development and adoption of environment-friendly technologies to aid in sustainable development. He is bringing in his proven credentials as a leader and achiever to Jatropower India and sees his focus on the motivation of personnel, sharper result-orientation in the ongoing research projects of the company and intensifying marketing efforts for the companies’ products.

Santosh aims to build on the good basis at Jatropower India on research and development of jatropha and xuta (new edible variety of jatropha) and lead it towards the goal of establishing new, viable and climate-smart crops for farmers that would lead to cost effective and inclusive production of environmentally sustainable edible oil, biofuel feedstock and protein concentrates for the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world.

Santosh takes over the stewardship of Jatropower India from Dr J. Oliver, who led Jatropower India from the beginning and who built it up from scratch to where it is now. Dr Oliver had to step down from the leadership role due to personal reasons, but continue to provide guidance to the company.