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Non-Edible High Performance Jatropha

  • As part of the High Performance breeding programme, this seed produces a 4 – 6 times higher yield compared to wild Jatropha crops.
  • In contrast to Edible High Performance Jatropha, the Non-Edible version is also available without being included in the franchise programme.
  • This makes this seed suitable for government reclamation programmes, for example, in which a large number of plantation operators are involved.
  • Non-Edible High Performance Jatropha thrives on degraded soils.
  • By using previously unproductive soils, the sequestration performance of corresponding plantations can be certified and thus traded as part of the value added.
  • Non-Edible High Performance Jatropha is thus (alongside Edible High Performance Jatropha) the basis for the only form of CO2 removal from the atmosphere that is currently profitable.

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