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Plantation management support

JATROPOWER personnel possess vast experience in supporting establishment and maintenance of jatropha plantations in Asia and Africa.

Alongside, the company has been intensively studying the plant during the past 10 years in its own research farms and analysing its performance on client sites in India and elsewhere under different conditions.


This combined experience has resulted in the development of commercially relevant knowledge on various aspects of Jatropha plantation projects such as:

  • Development of business models and identifying the critical aspects site by site
  • Site evaluation
  • Crop calendar establishment
  • Plantation strategy
  • Management, maintenance, fertilisation and pest control
  • Harvesting
  • Seed quality control
  • Training on all aspects of jatropha cultivation to clients’ staff using training presentations

Jatropower offers its clients comprehensive jatropha cultivation manuals that address all aspects of the Jatropha cultivation including nurseries, plantation and maintenance, harvesting, pest and disease control etc.

Special attention is required in particular during the first 2-3 years. The more marginal the land is on which Jatropha is planted, the more attention is needed to secure good results during these initial years. Depending on the agronomical conditions, among others the following factors have to be evaluated:

on the agronomical conditions, among others the following factors have to be evaluated:

  • need for life-saving irrigation in case there are large hot intervals between rains
  • supplementation with nutrients depending on their availability in the soil
  • maintenance of suitable plant architecture
  • weed control during and after the rainy season.

JATROPOWER can offer this knowledge as a package or as specific items according to the requirement of the clients.