Board of Directors


Peter Gmür

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JATROPOWER AG, Swiss citizen. After graduating as an Engineer at the Swiss Polytechnicum (ETHZ) and obtaining his MBA at the University of St. Gallen/Switzerland he worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Co in Europe, Japan and North Africa. Before being active as an Entrepreneur and founding and developing his own group of companies, Peter Gmür was Chairman and CEO of an international Group with sales of over US$ 1.2 billion. He serves on the Board of Directors of Swiss and international companies.

Dr. Peter Bollmann

Member of the Board of Directors of JATROPOWER AG, Swiss citizen, has more than 30 years experience in corporate management and finance internationally. He obtained his PhD from the University of St. Gallen and has among others been CFO in various international groups based in Switzerland and CEO of companies and groups based in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Austria. The companies in which he has worked have been involved in the fields of capital equipment, manufacturing, transport, advertising, life science, biofuels and venture capital management. He is serving on the Board of Directors of several nationally and internationally active companies.

René Garo

Member of the Board of Directors of JATROPOWER AG, Swiss citizen. Masters in Civil Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1976. Has held CEO positions in several companies before focusing on the Life Sciences sector since 1992 where he has served as CEO of two global leaders in Medical Technologies. He serves on the Board of Directors several multinational companies and functioned as the Chairman of some of them. Among the companies where René Garo chaired the Board of Directors was one that did R&D on medicinal plants with focus on domestication of wild plants, standardisation of quality and yields, development of cultivation and crop technologies and optimisation of post-harvest processing.